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fashion Music

Creativity in music composition has, in our times, new and myriad challenges by way of hitherto unexplored channels and demands of presentation. Music for the needs of the private sector, today, has to be interactive with the event rather than a quiet entertainment being played out in a corner and has to reach out to a maximum number of guests and audiences, be it at Fashion or Corporate Shows or designed Wedding Ceremonies. In today’s times, Corporate Shows and also Weddings are designed to particular themes such as Mughal, Sufi, Rajasthani, Royal, etc. and providing suitable music in accordance with the various events and happenings of the wedding ceremony is also in vogue.

A need for newness in presentation has made many unlikely cultural collaborations successful and built bridges between very disparate cultural milieus. One such partnership is between the worlds of Fashion Design and that of a Traditional Musician, for example. India’s leading Fashion Designer, Tarun Tahiliani, pioneered the concept of employing live traditional Manganiar Music for the ramp to showcase his collection against a unique musical background. Composing live music for the ramp for a fashion show and making traditional music viable for the models to walk on presented a unique challenge that has been beautifully met by a musician of Samandar Khan’s versatility. The music often needs to go hand in hand with western music and rhythms that the models have been originally used to, while the theme of the collection has to be highlighted. Tarun Tahiliani and Samandar Khan have wowed the audience with their concept at numerous shows, such as Blender's Pride Fashion Tour 2013, Tarun Tailiani’s Show At Van Heusen India Mens Week 2011, Tarun Tahiliani Showcases His Spring/Summer Collection 2011, Wills India Fashion Week 2010, etc.